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Youth Bureau

Warren County Youth Bureau at a Glance ...

"Providing children, youth, and teens with opportunities to meet their needs for physical, social, moral, emotional, and educational growth."

  • Connects the essential youth development and delinquency prevention work of government, public and private agencies, schools, families and communities to help all youth thrive.
  • Envisions the "Big Picture" for ALL Youth: Employability and Careers; Leisure Time/Recreation, Physical and Mental Health; Substance Abuse; Crime and Justice; Youth and Family Development; Education; Basic Needs/Runaway/Homeless.
  • Creates partnerships to strengthen services and opportunities for children, youth and teens from birth to age 21. 
  • Researches current youth issues to frame our county youth services plan, establish local priorities and focus funds and administrative resources. 
  • Oversees state and local dollars for local youth services; monitors and evaluates the benefits to youth. 
  • Ensures community input and youth voice through the Warren County Youth Board. 
  • Promotes "best practices" and research-based programs that demonstrate benefits for youth.