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Certificate of Residency

Printable Version of Instructions: affidavit-instructions.pdf (PDF)

The Community College program in the State of New York was intended to permit students who are residents to pay a reduced tuition rate. Each community college has a local sponsor, generally a county, which provides a share of the costs allocable to the resident students. A student who attends a community college outside their county of residence must obtain the certificate of residence in order to be eligible for the lower in-state tuition rate. The local sponsor (county) then reimburses its share of the costs of the student’s tuition to the community college. A Certificate of Residence verifies that you have been a New York State resident for one year prior to registration or the start of classes and a resident of Warren County for six (6) months prior to the start of classes. The Warren County Treasurer issues these certificates to qualified residents living within the County of Warren. Residency of less than six months will be prorated.


  • Resident of New York State for at least one (1) full year immediately preceding the date the application/affidavit.
  • Resident of Warren County for at least six (6) months immediately preceding the date of the application/affidavit.
  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien for at least one (1) year immediately preceding the date of the application/affidavit.
  • Students in the military (or those recently discharged) are eligible to obtain a certificate of residency if they show proof of current county residency immediately prior to entering active duty. Military discharge or other military documents can be used as proof.

To Apply

Complete application/affidavit form (print legibly in black ink only), have the form notarized or it can be notarized here in this office. The Treasurer’s office will keep this form and give you a Certificate of Residence that you will forward to the college you will be attending.

All applicants (students) must provide two forms of proof to verify residency:

First time applicants

  • Proof #1
  • Proof #2
  • Photo ID

Certificate on file from previous year

  • Proof #2
  • Photo ID

Submit application/affidavit no earlier than sixty (60) days before official start date of the semester. We will accept your application/affidavit by mail if it is notarized and proof of residency is included.

Proof #1

In order to prove that you have been a resident of New York State for at least one (1) year, you must submit one of the following suggested forms of documentation with and issue-date that is at least one year prior to the date of your application, but no older than two (2) years prior:

  • Driver’s license
  • Learners permit
  • Auto registration
  • Selective service card
  • Voter registration ID card
  • High school report card or official transcript
  • New York State income tax returns

Proof #2

  • Utility Bill
  • W-2 form (only accepted Jan-June)
  • Current paycheck
  • Bank statement
  • Student Loan
  • TAP award
  • Financial Aid (FAFSA)
  • Credit card statement
  • Any of the documents listed under proof #1 if dated within the past 6 months.

If you have not been a permanent legal resident of New York State for more than one year prior to the start of classes, you must pay Out-of-State tuition.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call (518) 761-6375.

Affidavit/Application For Certificate of Residenceaffidavit-app.pdf (PDF)