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Supervisors declare March 17 'Mayor Bob Blais Day'

blais honored
Happy Mayor Bob Blais Day! The Warren County Board of Supervisors honored our legendary Lake George Mayor on Friday by declaring March 17, 2023 "Mayor Bob Blais Day" as the mayor ends his 52-year run leading the Village of Lake George, leaving as America's longest serving active mayor.
Warrensburg Supervisor Kevin Geraghty, Chairman of the Warren County Board of Supervisors, thanked Mayor Blais for all he has done for the region's economy and environment over the years. Geraghty pointed to the major tourism events that come to Lake George each year as well as the Lakefront Walkway and wastewater treatment plant projects he stewarded.
"Mayor Blais' legacy will live on for generations to come, and we can't thank him enough for all he has done for Lake George and our region," Geraghty said.
Thankfully Mayor Blais (pictured with Chairman Geraghty) will continue working with our local tourism leaders to promote our wonderful lake and region after he retires from the mayor position! Congratulations Mayor Blais!