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Congratulations Kristy Miller, March employee of the month!


Warren County's March employee of the month is Kristy Miller, honored for her work ethic and professionalism for the Warren County Administrator's Office as confidential secretary to the county administrator. Kristy has worked for the county for 8 years.

Kristy is a member of the county budget team, while also helping to oversee the county mail operation, print shop, Administrator's Office scheduling and response to Freedom of Information requests, the latter a task that has gotten increasingly busy and difficult in recent years.

"Kristy's professionalism is evident in everything she does," Warren County Administrator John Taflan said. "When a task is given to Kristy there is no doubt it will get done and get done well. In some ways it is impossible to quantify the value Kristy brings to the county administrator's office."

"She has taken on a lot of extra duties in the Administrator's Office," Kevin Geraghty, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, said.

Congratulations Kristy and thank you for all you do for Warren County!