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County Government Section

  • Department Listing: A list of the various departments of Warren County, along with the functions and services they provide.
  • Board of Elections: The department that coordinates the elections for positions in and outside of the County.
  • Board of Supervisors: A list of the current Supervisors, who act as the legislative and executive branches of our County government.
    • Meeting Dates: The dates of the Board of Supervisors meetings.
    • Board Meeting Minutes: Minutes of the Board of Supervisors meetings.
    • Board Meeting Videos: Videos of the Board of Supervisors meetings.
    • Monthly Calendar: A calendar of events for the Board of Supervisors.
    • Proceedings: A collection of annual resolution requests, as well as documents related to budget, salary, mortgage tax and more.
    • Resolutions: The resolutions, certificates of appointments, etc. passed by the Board of Supervisors at each meeting.
    • History: Historical information regarding the Board of Supervisors, including past chairs, past clerks of the board, supervisors' seniority, and a list of past supervisors.
  • Budget Review: Take a look into the county budget process with budget summaries, statement of indebtedness, and salary schedules.
  • County Courts: The Warren County Court System, located in the municipal center, is part of the 4th Judicial District.
  • Freedom of Information Requests: Use this form to send any Freedom of Information requests to the County Clerk, Treasurer, or Auditor.
  • Holiday Calendar: A calendar of holidays observed by Warren County. On these holidays, county offices will be closed.
  • Local Laws
  • Occupancy Tax Information and Forms: Access forms and information about Warren County's Occupancy Tax, including information for applicants seeking funding and regulations for property owners.
  • County Telephone Directory: Find phone numbers for any of the departments in Warren County.

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