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Fees Schedule

New Fee Schedule Effective August 1st 2022

All construction shall conform to the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Code, the New York State Energy Code and all town and local zoning and sanitary codes.

One and Two Family Dwellings - Including Modular Homes Price
New Construction per Sq. Ft. $0.20
Minimum Fee for Construction $150.00
Alterations—Per Sq. Ft. $0.20
Minimum Fee For Construction of Additions or Alterations $50.00
Certificate Of Occupancy (Per Unit) $25.00
Residential Garages, Pole Barns & Storage Sheds Price
Per Sq. Ft. $0.20
Minimum Fee $100.00
Multiple Dwellings (Motels, Hotels, Townhomes Etc) Price
New Construction - Per Sq. Ft $0.25
Minimum for Construction  $300.00
Alterations- Per Sq.Ft $0.25
Minimum Fee for Construction or Alterations and Additions $100.00
Certificate of Occupancy $50.00
C.O for Townhouses Per Unit $25.00
New Commercial Price
New Construction  Per Sq. Ft $0.30
Minimum Fee for Construction $200.00
Alterations— and Additions per Sq. Ft. $0.25
Minimum Fee For Construction or Alterations and Additions $100.00
Certificate Of Occupancy $50.00


Manufactured Home $100.00


Demolition Price
Residential $100.00
Commercial $200.00


Swimming Pools $100.00


Solid Fuel Burning Device - Includes Inspection (Per Each Device) $50.00


Septic Permits $75.00


Fire Safety Inspections Price

Per Tenant And/or Classification (Use)

(where there are multiple food services within one building, all owned and operated by one owner or tenant one fee of $75.00 will be charged for the food services)

Buildings Presently Listed as Category IV of the NYSBC Flat Fee of $75


Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (Each Issuance) $25.00


Permit Renewal Fees One Half Original Fee for an Additional Year


Building Permit Amendment Fee

Based on the Type of use per the Increased Square

Footage Rate


Certificate of Occupancy / Violation Search $25.00


Fee for Building Without Permit Equal to the Permit Fee or $100.00 Whichever is Greater