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County Attorney

Welcome to the County Attorney’s website.  I am honored to serve as Warren County’s Attorney.  Since 1995, my professional legal career included work as a public servant and attorney in private practice and I have always sought to provide timely, accurate and efficient legal advice for my clients. As the County Attorney, our office shall continue to provide advice and support for the daily activities of Warren County’s government while promoting and defending the United States Constitution, New York State Constitution, and the rule of law for all our citizens.

As a U.S. Army Captain with the 82d Airborne Division, an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan, and an Assistant Attorney General for the New York State Attorney General’s Office, I worked alongside lawyers who were seeking justice through hard work and close collaboration with colleagues.  Fostering a supportive and collegial work environment in Warren County is essential for supporting County operations.  During my years in private practice, I saw the tremendous power our government regularly exercises over individuals and the vital protections which can be afforded by a single attorney prepared to challenge the government. Curbing governmental excesses through timely legal advice and recommendations will seek to protect the rights of our citizens and ensure efficient County operations.

The County Attorney’s Office handles a broad spectrum of novel and complex legal issues covering almost every area of law.  No two days are ever alike!  We recognize that our work impacts the daily aspects of our great Warren County residents and businesses, as well as the many people who visit our County throughout the year.

For those considering a career in public service, the County Attorney’s Office offers a unique hand-on experience which is as rewarding as it is challenging.  As a member of our team, you will quickly grow in experience and ability as a legal professional, while observing the positive impact you can make for your community today, as well as tomorrow.

Please take the time to explore our website and what we do for the County of Warren.

Lawrence Elmen
Warren County Attorney