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If you renewed your driver's license online between 3/1/2020-8/31/2021 without a vision test, you must complete a vision test by 12/1/2023 or your license will be suspended by NY State DMV. NY State DMV will be sending 80,000 reminder letters and emails to those who need to submit a test, but thankfully Warren County is nearly 100% compliant, with only about 200 to go as of October 31.THANK YOU TO OUR DMV STAFF AND WARREN COUNTY MOTORISTS FOR GETTING IT DONE!! If you have not had your vision test, or are unsure whether you did, please come to Warren County's DMV Office M-F, 8:15 a.m. -- 4 p.m. for a free vision test here in our office. Learn more about NY State's vision test requirements here.

APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE:  MONDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY   8:15 A.M. – 4 P.M. Click here for appointment website.

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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the NYS Association of County Clerks  1921 – 2021



The Office of the County Clerk is mandated by State Law in every aspect of the position. In each of the following capacities, documents are filed and recorded, fees collected, and periodic reports are submitted. All fees collected are distributed according to statute, portions of which are submitted to the Warren County Treasurer and which support the Warren County Budget.


  • Clerk of the Court - All Civil and Criminal actions are commenced, entered, indexed, filed and permanently maintained, not only for the residents of the County but for members of the general public. Note that exceptions to availability of cases include matrimonials, adoptions, and all other cases sealed by Court Order.
  • Recorder and Registrar of Title - All Warren County land records, deemed to be in compliance with provisions of law, are required to be entered, indexed, recorded, reproduced, and permanently preserved not only for the residents of Warren County, but for members of the public in general (ie: deeds, mortgages, discharges, powers of attorney, etc). Includes title as Agent, NYS Mortgage Tax Agency.
  • Filing Officer for Warren County - Must review, enter, index, file and permanently preserve all maps which must be deemed to be in compliance with provisions of law, not only for residents of Warren County, but for members of the public in general (i.e: survey maps, subdivision maps, government appropriation maps etc.) Also, responsible for filing of certificates of incorporation as Agent, NYS Dept of State and other filings including dba's.
  • Chief Recording Officer - The County Clerk's Office is the official repository of all county records, oaths of office, resolutions, special districts as well as certain town oaths, resolutions, highways and special districts. All must be permanently preserved, not only for residents of Warren County, but for members of the public in general.
  • Records Management Officer - Designated to coordinate the development of and oversee the management of county records. Services to county departments, the courts, Warren County citizens and the public in general include: physical custody of inactive county records; management of secure storage facilities; active records evaluations and management; retention & disposition of records as per legal and state mandate; archival and historical records programs; research assistance and access for departments and public. As agent for NYS Commissioner of Education, the County Clerk also collects required education fund fees, distributing in accordance with law.
  • Agent for the U.S. Department of State - Processes original passport applications, renewal applications, affidavits, and instructions not only for Warren County residents but for members of the public in general. The Warren County Clerk's Office also provides the public with the opportunity to have photos taken to facilitate the processing of applications.
  • Agent for Division of Criminal Justice - Processes pistol permit applications, amendments, takes applicant photos, files all approved permits. Note that these records are not public. Pistol Permit service is available to Warren County residents only.
  • Agent for the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles - Processes transactions in accordance with state regulations including but not limited to: vehicle registrations (including autos, commercial, motorcycles, boats, all-terrain vehicles etc.); permits, licensing, road test applications, issuance of non-driver identification cards; processing of documents related to certificates of title, and insurance-related matters. Services are provided for Warren County residents and to members of the public in general.
  • Agent for the Commissioner of Taxation & Finance - Responsible for collection of applicable unpaid sales tax on motor vehicles (including autos, commercial, boats, etc.) as noted above.