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Board Of Elections

Early Voting  (Click Here for Early Voting Info)

Primary Election – June 27

See Below for Primary Candidates List and Primary Polling Locations 

Primary CANDIDATES List.pdf   Primary Polling Location.pdf  

***(All Elections 6AM-9PM) ***

Important Dates

General Election Information

February 28, 2023: First day for signing Designating Petitions

April 3, 2023 - April 10, 2023: Dates for filing Designating Petitions

April 6, 2023: Last day to collect signatures

April  18, 2023: Primary Candidate Election Drawing 10 AM (open to public) 

April  18, 2023: First Day Signing Independent Nominating Petitions

May 23, 2023: First to file Independent Petitions

May 30, 2023: Last day to file Independent Petitions

June 27, 2023: Primaries to be determined 

November 7, 2023: General Elections


Independent Petitions Filed as of 05.26.23.pdf

2023 5% Designating Petition Signatures required

2023 - 2026 Independent Signatures Required

Running For Office Forms Here

Petitions Files (Designating)

Sample Ballots

All Cons D113 ABS_6310.pdf
All Cons D114 ABS_6311.pdf
Chester D1 Rep ABS_6301.pdf
Chester D2 Rep ABS_6302.pdf
GF Ward 2 Dem ABS_6308.pdf
GF Ward 3 Dem ABS_6309.pdf
Horicon Rep ABS_6303.pdf
Johnsburg Rep ABS_6304.pdf
Lake Luzerne Rep ABS_6305.pdf
Stony Creek Rep ABS_6306.pdf
Warrensburg Rep ABS_6307.pdf