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Board Of Elections

***The Presidential Primary is April 2nd, 2024***

It is now TOO LATE to effectuate a Party Change in time for the Primary

Early Voting  (Click Here for Early Voting Info)

Online Voter Registration 

New York Online Voter Registration

You can use the Board of Elections’ Online Voter Registration system to register to vote or to update your voter registration information.

Updated information could include providing Warren County Board of Elections with your new name, new address, or changing your party enrollment. Completed applications are sent to Warren County Board of Elections for approval and processing.

To register you will need to use a NY.Gov ID. If you have previously used NY.Gov with another agency, you may use the same login to access the Online Voter Registration portal. If you have not used NY.Gov you will need to create an account.

Important Dates

The Road to 2024:


12/12/23: FIRSday to SIGN designating petitions

01/08/2024-01/18/2024: Dates for FILING designating petitions

01/22/24: LAST day to DECLINE a designation

01/26/24: LAST day to fill a vacancy after declination

02/08/24: Certification of Primary Ballot by County Board of Elections for local designations

02/14/24: LAST day to change your party before Presidential/State and Local Primaries. Party enrollment period re-opens July 5th 2024. 

03/18/24: LAST day to receive a change of address prior to the Presidential Primary

03/23/24: LAST day to RECEIVE a voter registration application in person or by mail by Board of Elections for Presidential Primary

03/23/24: ALSO LAST day to RECEIVE an absentee application for Presidential Primary whether civilian, permanent, new special federal, or new military


03/26/24: LAST day to receive an application for Military/Special Federal voters who have previously registered

04/01/24: LAST day to APPLY for an absentee ballot in person. 

04/02/24: LAST day to POSTMARK an absentee ballot. Must be RECEIVED BY: 04/09/24

04/02/24: LAST day to DELIVER an absentee ballot in person to County Board of Elections



2023 - 2026 Independent Signatures Required

Running For Office Forms Here

2024 5% Signatures required Designating Petitions

Sample Ballots

Democratic Presidential Primary SAMPLE ballot

Republican Presidential Primary SAMPLE ballot