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Board Of Elections

Early Voting  (Click Here for Early Voting Info)

Primary Election – June 27

See Below for Primary Candidates List and Primary Polling Locations 

Primary CANDIDATES List.pdf   Primary Polling Location.pdf  

***(All Elections 6AM-9PM) ***

***Office is open June 19th 2023 (JUNETEENTH)***

Online Voter Registration 

New York Online Voter Registration

You can use the Board of Elections’ Online Voter Registration system to register to vote or to update your voter registration information.

Updated information could include providing Warren County Board of Elections with your new name, new address, or changing your party enrollment. Completed applications are sent to Warren County Board of Elections for approval and processing.

To register you will need to use a NY.Gov ID. If you have previously used NY.Gov with another agency, you may use the same login to access the Online Voter Registration portal. If you have not used NY.Gov you will need to create an account.

Important Dates

General Election Information

February 28, 2023: First day for signing Designating Petitions

April 3, 2023 - April 10, 2023: Dates for filing Designating Petitions

April 6, 2023: Last day to collect signatures

April  18, 2023: Primary Candidate Election Drawing 10 AM (open to public) 

April  18, 2023: First Day Signing Independent Nominating Petitions

May 23, 2023: First to file Independent Petitions

May 30, 2023: Last day to file Independent Petitions

June 27, 2023: Primaries to be determined 

November 7, 2023: General Elections


INDEPENDENT Petition Filed as of 05.30.23pdf.pdf

2023 5% Designating Petition Signatures required

2023 - 2026 Independent Signatures Required

Running For Office Forms Here

Petitions Files (Designating)

Sample Ballots

All Cons D113 ABS_6310.pdf
All Cons D114 ABS_6311.pdf
Chester D1 Rep ABS_6301.pdf
Chester D2 Rep ABS_6302.pdf
GF Ward 2 Dem ABS_6308.pdf
GF Ward 3 Dem ABS_6309.pdf
Horicon Rep ABS_6303.pdf
Johnsburg Rep ABS_6304.pdf
Lake Luzerne Rep ABS_6305.pdf
Stony Creek Rep ABS_6306.pdf
Warrensburg Rep ABS_6307.pdf